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Oct 29, 1999
Esteemed forumites, I have a question. I was looking at our favorite website like I always do, and suddenly a question popped into my head that I don't think anyone has ever asked. It says that the Sirupati is the favorite style of the Rai and Limbu people. What about those other two ethnic groups that also provide Gorkha recruits. I'm talking about the Magars and Gurungs of course. What style khukuri is their weapon of choice?
Excellent question. When Brit troops were first deployed to the balkans, there was a newsphoto of a gurkha sharpening his khukuri on the back of a bayonet scabbard where they evidently had a little carbide V shape sharpener.

The khuk had an "eye of the dove" cho, and the narrow blade and buttcapless wood handle of the chainpuri, and it looked to be 18/19" OAL.

From what Uncle and JP have said, the issued khuk is worn on parade, but the troops are free to carry what they want in the field. Oft times it may be passed down, so it's possible some young gurkha is carrying gramp's or great gramp's M43 in the field today. More likely, a gift from the folks back home when he left.
Rusty, I had thought about that possiblity also. A young Gorkha carrying around Gramp's M43, sort of like a family heirloom. I guess it's like a young Marine carrying something his grandfather used. But whereas the Marine might carry a Randall #1, I wonder what his Gorkha counterpart's blade would be?
Do any carry a Sirupati to battle? Every pic. I've ever seen except one looked like BAS's of the Vill. variety! The one exception was a drawing of a Gorka checking the sharpness of his blade & it looked something like a Baby GRS! Maybe John,or Burke has pics.of Gorkas carrying dif. styles of K's!Can anyone help me on this info. would be appreciated,ireally would like to know!
Jim, in today's limited Gorkha service in the British Army I'm not sure what's done. My brother in law has been retired more than a year now so I don't have direct input anymore. But I'm told that during WWII especially in the Burma campaign the Gorkhas carried whatever they wanted. And, Gorkhas serving in the Indian Army carry pretty much what they want except for parade and inspection.

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Not even the Brit or US Army is stupid enough to try to tell combat troops what they can pack as personal weapons.

I saw everything made since 1898, at least.

Well, the select fire Broom handle Mauser was 1896.

Anything can show up in a war zone.

What are they going to do; put you in the INF., send you to war?