Question about Kydex.

Jul 2, 1999

Can Kydex be molded into a thick tubular shape to make a traditional shaped katana scabbard, or smaller 22" blade like a straight ninja-to. If so, how much would this roughly cost? Any comments would be apreciated. Thanks.


Louis Buccellato

What a question! With a seam, it can be molded into pretty much any shape. You have the seam, though, and you end up with a hole at the bottom, too. There is probably a way to have a one-piece injection mold made, too, but that would cost a fortune, plus you'd need something inside the Kydex tube to keep the sword retained.

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Kydex is a fine material, it's true, but why would you roll it into a tube when molded plastic tubes are readily available?

Another question:

After the material has set, is it possible to heat it again and change its shape, like common thermoplastics?
Another good thing about Kydex is that you can heat only the part that needs changing. At times, I use this characteristic to adjust the release of the knife to my liking. Just don't over heat.
Also depending on the type of seam or joining of the edges you prefer, it is possible to just overlap the Kydex on one side of the sheath by almost the width of the blade. Kydex sells for about $4.50 per Sq. Ft. You might want to make a wooden form that is slightly larger than the knife or you could put masking tape on the blade to keep the sheath from being too tight on the blade. The retaining system is a personal choice. Ray Kirk