I have several knives that need a slight touchup and a few that need serious sharpening. I have a Smiths sharpening kit that comes with a clamp to hold the blade in place which I have used on inexpensive knives, but many of my blades are made of 154CM, ATS-34. It's hard for me to get a shaving sharp edge freehand so I bought a Lansky kit with the clamp, similar to the Smiths. Has anyone used Lansky sharpeners before?

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Oct 4, 1998
They are not bad once you get the hang of them. I use regular stones (that gives me the best edge), the sharpmaker and Lansky.

Lansky gives me a tad better edge than the Sharpmaker at the expense of using that darn clamp. Because of that I find myslef using the Sharpmaker more than the Lansky.

All of them take some practice, but the bench stones still yeld the best results the fastest for me. A little longer learning curve, but worth it in my opinion especially on big honkin' blades.

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Being new to the knife world,I asked basically the same question recently. The general consensus was that the Sharpmaker was better. However, since I have a Camillus CUDA that comes from the factory with a 17-20 deg. edge, the sharpmaker doesn't have that angle and the Lansky does. I don't want to change the edge to 25 deg. so I ordered the Lansky. I may change my mind later, but that's it for now.
I have had pretty good luck with my Lanskey. If you change the bevel/edge to match the pre-set Lanksey angles you can quickly resharpen a blade. Large blades can take a while.
I have not yet sharpened my 154Cm blade. I have sharpened cold steels and victorinox and other stuff with success. However, it is hard to beat an old carborundum bench stone for a super sharp edge. More work, but more fun too.

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No problem sharpening 154CM, ATS 134 CM blades or for that matter MD's O1 at (RC 62) with the Lansky.

Make sure the clamp is perpendicular to the knife. Realize that the angle on the clamp is going to be wrong since it depends on the blade width. Move the clamp along the blade if it is a large blade, otherwise the angle will be incorrect. Take your time and use firm pressure but don't press too hard as the rods will deform.

I find the Lansky much more versitle (it has more options) than the Spyderco. I use the Spyderco more often though. I use the stones from both free hands as well for large blades.

One more tip on the Lanskey -

be sure that you clamp it the same from one sharpening to the next. How deeply you set the blade into the clamp determines the exact angle.
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I've been using the Lansky for about six months now and it works really well. I have zero sharpening skills, and the "training wheels" make a razor sharp edge possible for me. Practice on a POS blade at first to get the hang of it, it's pretty easy.

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Hey el cid,

If you are considering buying a Lansky system, read my little quip in the thread, "AFRAID TO SHARPEN OWN KNIVES".

To make a long story short, I came across an angle sharpener called ARKANSAS PERFECT. I didn't have a lot of expectations since it was such a cheap product, but it works great. It was about $30 Canadian which would probably sell in the U.S. for between $15 to 20.

Of course, it only has three stones (course, medium, fine) plus a stone for hooks, over Lansky's five. But it is a cheaper alternative...

I was given LANSKY 4 weeks ago, and all I can say is: WOW, this one makes a reeeeally sharp edge!
BTW, do you use honing oil with your alumina syntetic stones? I've read somewhere it's a common mistake (?).