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Question about Manufacturers Forum

Jul 1, 2006
In my short time at collecting knives I have noticed that there is a huge following for Case knives. I don't see a section for them in the MF. Is this brand not too popular here? If not, why? Just a question. I don't own a case but have seen some older stockmans (6318) I'd like to get my hands on. Just curious.
Case has a fairly active forum over at the "other" discussion group. They are well represented over there with at least one official factory rep that posts regularly, answering questions and helping out. They probably decided to only work one place on the internet, making life easier for all involved. I don't think it's kosher to post the link so I won't. Maybe a mod will. :rolleyes:
Hey Harry thanks for the response. Do I need a secret decoder ring to find out about "the other site"? :D
Its www.knifeforums.com so consider this de-coded!..:D

But you know what Liveitloud, other forum or not, you bring up one helluva good point. It should be represented here. We have several extremely knowledgeable folks here who are bonafida experts in Case knives.