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Question about Old Timers

Jul 1, 2006
Sorry, I hate to start a whole thread for a question but I didn't know where else to put it. I was in Elliott's hardware today looking for some lighting when I ran across a knife counter. They had 2 ( I don't know the model #'s) Schrade Old timers in the case.

One was a trapper and the other was a 3 blade stockman. They had the boxes sitting next to them that were the Made in USA. The thing I noticed that puzzled me was that the plate on the handle that says "Old Timer" was not the standard silver plate.

Instead it was kind of gold/brass colored and had a design around the plate. So after way too much gabbing, what is the story on these particular knives? Would it have something to do with when it was manufactured?

They seemed very reasonably priced.
If it is the one in the picture below it is probably a Taylor China knife.The boxes are made in the USA.Arnold


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Well hell thats a bit bit deceptive isn't it? I appreciate the comment. Guess I'll put my money back in my pocket. Thanks
Run!!!!! There may be a few exceptions but almost all of the USA made OT's and UH's will have USA stsmped on the blade. What are you doing with one of those Arnold?
Taylor seems to be ashamed of the fact that his knives are mostly made in China.I am not familiar enough with the knives you mentioned to say if the quality is there or not I just know that the couple I got by mistake do not live up to the Schrade name.Arnold
Rick I was given one,see Michael's rant on LB7s,and I bought the one in the picture by mistake.A good example of not reading a description close enough.Arnold
Schrade did on occasion use some fancier shields. The G.D.O.T. series, and the Classics come to mind. It is possible that those knives are Imperial Schrades. Without seeing them, it is really hard to say.

A few of the Taylor Schrades are now being seen with a tiny china stamp on the reverse tang. SOme of the first had a round etch with china in the text. I am seeing some 100th anniversary etched imports now as well. None of Taylor's markings duplicate the original markings, but close enough to allow eBay sellers to pass them by "forgetting" to mention their origin. If you can't photo both sides of the knives, ask the store to let you handle them and copy down the markings, then bring them here and we'll see if we can help you. I really don't know enough about what you saw to tell you one way or another what they are.


PS- many of us here who buy Schrades have gotten fooled at one point or another. Arnold is by no means the only one. I have one of those 15OT Chitaylors that was a "gimme" when I won a real 15OT that I had the hots for. It was a part of the deal. I also wound up with a 152OT Chitaylor because I bought a clampacked Sharpfinger without looking closely enough at the fuzzy picture. My bad there. I'd hate to think I had to trick my customers into buying from me though.
I was only kidding, no offense intended. Actually I am surprised that I haven't ended up with one. Sometimes I am a little to quick to click myself.

Rick I figured you were.It was a good thing that i did buy that pos because it drove home the idea that you need to read the description about three times then ask the seller to make sure.I also found that asking for more and better pictures will make most of them honest.Arnold