Question about Paragon Cutlery products

Mar 7, 2000
What's your view on quality, fit,etc...I dont see much in the archives or presently. Is there a reason they are overlooked?
I have a question too.
Did Larry Harley ever get paid for his battle bowie that they produced?
Collabs are great if the knifemaker gets paid.
I have heard that neither Larry or George Herron got anything from the Paragon people for these collaborations. If I'm wrong, I would like to hear otherwise.

Danbo, soul brother of Rambo
I had an atko 10 (?) once.It seemed like a decent knife. Igot the law enforcement price of $90.00 when it first came out.I opened it about 20 times and the coil spring broke!! I called Paragon and told them what happened ,they said send it bac,I did. Because I live in VA. about 300 miles or less from the factory they said turn around on my knife woud be about 7 days till it was back in my hands. 30 days later I called them and was told "Randy" hasn't felt like doing any warranty work lately!!!HASN'T FELT LIKE IT!!!!!!! I asked for a refund of my money and was told I could only recieve a 30% refund. Needless to say I waited for the knife.Took it to the next available gun show and got rid of it FAST!! In my opinion of paragon
Quality= fair at best
Customer service= Non existant
Customer runaround= Never stops
Yeah they have some nice designs, but so doed CRKT, and I would trust them a whole lot more than Paragon in not failing me when I might need them the most.
Bear in mind that this is just one man's opinion. I have handled several of Paragons products. The XO Lite auto an OTF mdl 10 and another of the ato series. I was not impressed with any of these. The fit and finish is adequate. Lock up is only marginal. I hate to bad mouth these products but MT, and even Daltons have me expecting more. BTW the new Al-Mar autos; SERE and SERT are both made by Paragon.