Question for Kit Carson

Mar 12, 1999
When do you think we might see the "flipper" versions of the smaller CRKT M16 knives, e.g. M16-03 and 12?
I asked Paul Gillespie at CRKT about this oe time and he said that they will switch over to the flippered blades for the 03/13 and 02/12 models when the current supply of non-flippered blades depletes. Exactly "when" is kind of difficult to pin down. Unless Kit has received some updated news, this is the current word from CRKT.

Dexter Ewing
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Dexter hit it on the head.

The zytel versions of the 03/13 and 02/12 will have the flipper on them. Dex put a picture up a few weeks ago in the Review forum.

Guess I should have designed them with both to begin with, huh.
Thank you Kit. I love the aluminum versions I own (3 knives) I'm hoping that somehow you'll arrive at the decision to put the flipper on these as well.
Best of luck