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Mar 12, 1999
Please define "Integral Lock." Is that just another way of saying "liner lock?"
Please help me further my education

The integral lock is actually part of the handle itself which locks the blade. Same principal as a liner or leaf lock.

What makes an integral lock stronger, there is much more thickness involved in contact with the blade's under tang area to keep it locked open.

Chris Reeve needs the credit for this lock, I do believe it was he that came up with this lock idea.

You can get some ideas from pics off of web sites that has these integral locking knives, Benchmade, Chris Reeve, Mission, & Darrel Ralph. Here is a pic off of Darrel Ralph's web site showing the Integral lock from his Apogee. Go to the url itself, didn't want to post the pic here, it is way too big

The top shows the integral lock, the bottom a leaf lock which is sort of the same as a liner lock.

Hope this was of some help? Maybe others can expand or explain it better than I did if I sounded confusing!

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