Question for other 0801 owners.

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Jun 2, 2013
hi all, just got my 0801 at the end of last week. very excited for this knife. one question. in the closed position does the detent hold the blade firmly closed? mine has room to wiggle it is loose to the point the knife rattles when you shake it. the flipper action is smooth and open lockup is 100%. also do you guys think this would be something to send it back to knife centre or kai for a replacement? thanks for your time guys.
I agree. I've had held three of them and none of those had anything but a strong, firm detent. I suggest you contact your dealer first and ask for an exchange. Shouldn't be too much of an issue.
Im having similar issues dylanger. I sent zt an email and I am waiting for info. Im not worried cause its zt and it will be right soon enough. Just bummed cause I had to send a pellet rifle I have been waiting for also. Just not my week.
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