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Question for SF residents


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Oct 14, 1998
Gentlemen and lurkers,

I'm pondering getting some Tuff Cloth or Marine Cloth. SF has Mediterranean weather where other parts of CA has desert weather.

I don't work on a boat but I'm wondering if Marine cloth would be better. Opinions?

I dont know which part of S.F. you live in, but if you're even remotely close to the coast, everything metal will disintegrate...I would use anything that protects...I've had god luck with a basic silicone-impregnated cloth...

Smoke, I have been using Marine Cloth for the past few years, and it did help me weather El Nino. I don't spend time on the water, but but for general use it is very effective. I can't recall the price difference between the two, but if you have ant doubts, use Marine.

Dano, I hope you got my e-mail. I want the gloves.

Stjames, Did you work Ms. Saigon? or Phantom?

I work more along the Richmond district w/it's lovely fog, in the avenues but sometimes I have to go downtown/Embarcadero.

I'm pretty much going through a "renovation", see I never paid much attention to the maintenance of knives. I'd sharpen when it was reaallllll dull and clean when it's real rusty.

I've taken the advice and got Naval Jelly, not bad stuff. SpyderForum, I mean, the Spyderco forum has the Glide thread and Marine's thick coat might be a concern.

I just might get the Armorer's kit too.

Smoke, I filled in as a spotlight operator for two weeks on Phantom. Some of the people on the crew did the entire five-year run, but two weeks was more than enough for me.

I helped install Ms. Saigon into the Orpheum Theater (28 hours strait) but never had a chance to see the show. They did a beautiful job renovating the Orpheum, and if you get a chance try to take a peek inside.

And if you have never visited the War Memorial Opera House you should.

Stjames, saw Saigon for free, complete w/ critic w/ glow in the dark pen. That chopper scene was crazy, I was blinded during 'the Fall'. The inside does not reflect the outside.

I've passed by but never saw Phantom, my friend's saw it and slept rather well for 2 hrs.

I've seen a Christmas Carol waaay too many times, I did want to see 'Forever Tango'. I won't lie, Orpheum isn't at my fave part of city.
Smoke, the Orpheum is in one lousy part of town, I admit, but the Golden Gate Theater is right where the Tenderloin meets Market, at 6th, and is one lousy place to be loading or unloading trucks at 3am. Unless, of course, you are with twenty other guys with knives and hammers doing it. The walk back to the car after working in that area is very sketchy, and I tend to carry my toolbag in one hand and my hammer in the other. Discourages the more unsavory elements.