Question For Spyderco Collectors

Dec 30, 2000
Hi, Several years ago, maybe 8 or 10, I bought a Wayne Goddard Jr. #456, Micarta with a plain edge in G-2 steel. I bought it at the Spyderco factory store and was told that it was a pre-production knife and that Spyderco elected to not go into full production. It was, therefore, sold as a "second" with no box. The knife has been carried but is in excellent plus condition. Is this knife worth anything? I was going to list it the exchange forum and was thinking of asking $65 or $70 for it or trade for a new or like new, plain edge Wegner Junior ATS-34.
Feed-back appreciated!
Unless someone is really interested in it, I doubt if it is worth $65 0r $70. I also doubt if someone would trade you a Wegner staight up for it unless they really wanted the Goddard.
Hi Richard, I've got the same knife I picked up in a trade. I've also got two of the lightweight models. While I really prefer the Micarta handle to the zytel, the most important thing in a knife is the blade and the ATS 55 in the lightweights is far superior IMO to GIN 1. I got my lightweights for about $35 each and although I'd consider the Micarta version as a dress knife, I don't think I'd spend more than $40 for it. I've got a pair of full size Calypsos one plain, one toothy with VG10 which I use as dress carry now. I like the heavier blade design of the Goddard but can't see paying a lot for a cheaper steel.


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Phantom4, Is the one you aquired a plain edge, Goddard Junior? I've never seen another like it. The only Junior Micartas I've seen have had the combo edge and since this one is numbered, I thought it may have some value as a unique piece.
Thanks for your input,