Question for Terry Sisco

Aug 6, 2000
Good Day Terry,
I have a holster making question. I'm going to make two holsters on my own by the time I'll be home. It will be a "seaman at home with too much time on his hands" exercise.
I have already made the wooden cores (wood bound with fiberglass). To cover them, I have considered two paths:
1) glue the cowhide to the front face of the core and to the straight part of the back. Stretch the hide over the curvy parts and clamp it with some vise pliers at the seam. When is stretched, glue the rest of the back side too and stitch up the seam.
2) Soften up the cowhide (any good advice?), stretch it around the core and clamp it at the seam, stitch the seam up.
I've already made few small jobs which were quite easy and straightforward, it's the first time that I try something bigger and curve shaped.
These would be the holsters for two villagers I have. If it would be for something fancier I would wait to come back to the States and order from you!
Thanks in advance for your patience.
I don't use any glue or clamps on the leather. I soak the leather in water so it will stretch. I lay the sheath on the leather
and pinch the leather up around the wood core then stitch as close to the wood as i can. When you pull the thread tight it will tighten up the leather. You have to keep pinching the leather tight as you sew. I use a saddle stitch with two needles.
Don't put your khukuri in the sheath until the leather is totally dry. It will rust the blade
I hope this helps, it is kind of hard to explain.
thank you very much for your reply. I have a better picture of it now. I will stick to your advise and use no glue. I'm already kind of worried about the final result....
Thanks again
I've never tried my hand at scabbard-making, but have seen Terry's beautiful work firsthand and always wondered how the sewing was done. Don't think I'm ready to start yet, but Terry's description was informative enough to make me look up some more on the saddle stitch. Good luck and have fun
If I may make a small contribution to the matter of scabbard-making... I am about to start to make a scabbard for a WW I Mk I khukuri. I have NO previous experience, so I have nothing to fall back onto. My first job is to determine the exact inner measurents of the scabbard, so as to make the spacer. I think the spacer is the heart of the scabbard. The scabbard need not be any larger (wider) than is absolutely necessary. I hope I get the scabbard exactly right in the end - I have set my sights very high indeed, because I want a quality scabbard, and an exact look-alike of the original.