Question from a non-maker, uh 3-D?

Oct 28, 2005
I got the following wording from a German site:

"We are the world's first knife manufacturer to produce handmade knives and also work in the new 3D printing process. With us you can have your knives manufactured with commercially available handles, scabbards and materials. In the 3D printing process, there are almost no limits to her fantasy. After purchasing one of our handmade knives, you will receive several "STL 3D files" with which you can print your handles and sheaths (TPU) yourself on any standard 3D printer.

From the idea, the sketch to the finished knife. In everyday life, at work or in the survival area. Our products are used everywhere and are characterized by their quality in terms of workmanship, manufacturing and stability. Even in the toughest applications."

So I messed (messer'd) around a minute and found this on a science site:

3D printing doubles the strength of stainless steel​

New method could lead to cheaper rocket engines, biomedical implants​

I have been on BF a few years and know a miniscule amount about steel, but can printers make complete knives out of stronger steel than people and machines? Please don't flame me because I am not trying to be funny. I'm perplexed.


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Jan 27, 2012
I don't know about "stronger" but I do know that shapes that can't be machined can be made with additive processes.

I know Sigh Sauer is making firearm components and suppressors with what is essentially 3d printing...


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Jan 21, 2020
They can't. Stainless printing is with 3xx series. Can be used for anything but the blade. Is it stronger? Dunno!. It relies on several steps after printing which include thermal work, so maybe. Single print or small runs are still expensive. So, art work only.