Question: Leatherman


Feb 5, 1999
This may be an inane question, but it might save me from making a dumb mistake. Is the diamond coated file on the Leatherman PSTII and the Wave suitable for sharpening knives, like for those times when you're stuck without your sharpening stuff?
I hate to say it, but I have yet to find ANY multitool with a file suitable for fingernails, much less a knife. The diamond coated files that leatherman has are pathetic, and they are on the better end of the scale.


Yes YAKIM is most right, have one for 2years now and wore it out, on some bone guitar saddle work in about an hour(the fine side is gone)Fingernails at best!
Leatherman has an excellant 25 year warranty. I would rather use a Craftsman file from Sears as they have an unlimited lifetime warranty. But, if you wear out your Leatherman file prematurely, send it back. They have a webpage with instructions on how to do it. I know of a few times Leathermans were sent back with very good results.

Thanks everyone. I guess I'll save it for those really really bad emergencies.