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Question on Axis Lock....

Jul 7, 2000
Hi everyone,
About the Benchmade Axis Lock, is it recommented to release the lock on both side? Will the spring break if i constantly release the lock on only one side? Cuz it really feels akward to me have to pull both sides down and then close the blade.
Another question, about the new Osborne benchmade, are they going to make a black handle one? Maybe a BT2 version? cuz the green really turns me down
No harm in pulling just one side as Steve pointed out. I don't think I've heard of any springs breaking yet. Has anyone else? I'd be interested in attempting to calculate an approximate lifespan.

I wish they'd come out with a g-10-handled version of the Osborne. It could be whatever colour they like, as long as it weren't aluminum!