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Question on "Benchmade Bushmaster"

Feb 17, 1999
I recently searched for a knife I *knew* I had. Finally found it. About a 9-10" blade, sort of a shallow bolo shape..., with "kraton-ish" handle and "kydex" sheath. Etched on blade is "Benchmade Bushmaster", with a snake's head also etched into the blade.

I picked up the knife, I think, about 10-12 years ago. I was wondering what steel might have been used in it..., and what it's current value might be.
I have one of those, too.
Can't help with the value but I asked about the steel on the Benchmade Forum a while back......Mark McWillis said it was before his time but he thought it was 440c.
He didn't sound too confident, though. Personally, I was surprised that it might be 440c....after all, it is primarily a chopper.
Great working knife, eh ?
BTW.....I take it that the snake skull refers to the S.American "Bushmaster"...which I believe is the world's largest (python sized) venomous snake.
Brian W E
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You might want to post this question on Benchmades forum. Maybe the Benchmade Support Team will answer it.
Brian..., I figured the snake's head probably represented a "Bushmaster" snake..., though it looks a bit more like a rattlesnake to me

I'd be a bit surprised if it was 440C, although it's been stored in less than "pristine" conditions, and it's still in great shape..., without a hint of rust.

But, yeah, it's a very nice, lightweight working chopper. My Blackjack Marauder II makes a good medium weight chopper... and my still relatively new 20" Ang Khola is a great (though very *heavy*) top-of-the-range chopper.

Blades... yeah, I may do that. Surely Benchmade could answer the question.