question on CS fixed blade

Jan 9, 1999
While at a gunshow yesterday a dealer had an assortment of factory made stuff. In amongst his wares he had a CS fixed blade that looked like a Recon Scout, clip blade deep belly and the coffin handle in kraton, thing is though it was about he size of the Bush Ranger right next to it. Really lite in the hand too. Never really did ask him what it was just picked it up noticed how it moved and a big crowd so didn't examine it any more than that. It was definetly not my Recon Scout though. That thing is a club. This was well a fast mover. thanks
Typically, both the Recon Scout and the Bush Ranger are 12.5" OAL with 7.5" blades. What chiefly separates them is that typically the RS is made of 5/16" stock and weighs 15oz. whereas the better handling Bush Ranger is made of 3/16" stock and weighs a mere 8.8 oz.

If what you're saying is that CS is making a 3/16" thick, lighter weight Recon Scout, then I would be VERY interested, since the RS has a stronger point format. (Although I'm not overly crazy about the straight handle.) Just thought I'd mention that in case there are any lurking CS R&D types here, or any dealers that could put me onto the knife that Longbow seems to allude to.