Question on REKAT knife....

Jul 7, 2000
Has anyone purchase a REKAT knife in the last 6 month? Even better has anyone purchase a SIFU in last 6 month? Cuz i am planning on getting a SIFU, but i heard some complains on the newer knives they make, the lock failed and the blades are not secure. Has anyone experience any problem w/ REKAT knives? Any review on SIFU?

BOUGHT TWO,Pioneer & Carnie,called & ORDERED kydex for the pioneer also bought a spring after hearing bad stories.Great People,sent me my spring,kydex & included washers a duel thumbstud & screws.No problems yet.
I just purchased a BFC Red and Black
Sifu in the last week.
The knife is a great piece of cutlery! The Red G-10 is very nicely textured, The inside of the SS liners are practically mirror polished, the action is smooth yet tight, without any sort of slop or play. The lock has functioned flawlessly . I will admit I will
not ever test my knives as roughly as some users on these forums, as I tend to baby my knives a little. I use them all as intended, but I treat them sort of like spoiled children in between uses. I would tend to believe that if you purchased a Sifu, you would be very pleased with the product that you recieve. I think that 1SKS still has some of the limited run red ones if the color appeals to you. Good Luck. Buy One, You will love it.
My Sifu's opening/closing action and locking is like butta, unlike my Carnivore. Fit and finish of the two Sifu's I've purchased in the last eight months has been perfecto. Go for it! It's the closest knife I have to a lightsaber thus far in terms of reach for a folder.

I've purchased a SIFU, a Pocket Hobbit and a Carnivore within the last month.

The Carnivore was smooth but very tight. Not as easy to open as I would have liked.

The Pocket Hobbit is my daily carry and is smooth & just tight enough. Goes from full closed to full open with a sharp flick of the wrist.

The Sifu has the smoothest action I've ever experienced on a folder. The blade feels like it pivots on oiled glass.

Is it a pivot or but clip on the knife? (tip up or down carry?) I may get one to as a backup to my .40. In D2 of course