Question on Whiz Kid Shanker

Feb 12, 2001
Is Shanker using the initials K.S. with a little trident as his mark? Is a trident the same as a trisul?
Yes. My guess is he doesn't know what S and K are or stand for -- copies them from a piece of paper Gelbu gave him.
Ah, Uncle Bill, last time I emailed you, you weren't sure if the KS was the new kami or Kesar (I think)--nice to know for sure. Shanker does very nice work. He made my second 18" AK. It is much lighter and quicker in the hand than my other AK, which was made by Sher. My wife doesn't usually pay much attention to my khukuris. She is glad that I enjoy them, but for the most part, they don't interest her at all. When she saw the AK by Shanker, she spent about five minutes looking it over, and announced afterwards that she felt the maker wanted to be recognized someday as the best. She cited in particular his attention to detail--"It's like he wanted everything to be perfect", she said. I have to agree with her. He definitely put something special into my blade, and I can't wait to see how his skills develop in the future.
Hey Josh,
Ain't that rascal sweet?!!! Mine has a strange effect on my body hair. First, it shaves hair off my arms, then, it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up when I see it bite into an oak log! I named mine Wood Witch. The old Norsemen would name their favorite weapons, and names that included "witch", like "Battle Witch", were usually reserved for especially fierce axes.

He does good work too. :D

I have A BAS and Chiruwa Ang Khola made by him. :)

Sher must be working with him because he puts a great edge on them (Sher Edge).
I'm glad to see that you made the trip for the holidays safe and sound. Missed your posts while you were gone. Welcome back to Texas.:D
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Wherever Kesar is, I hope all is well.


I just got a 20.5" GS by Kesar a few weeks ago, he is still there I believe.:D
Good to hear, I asked that before I saw your short list of Kami signs, but hadn't realized there'd been a recent Kesar with his old sign.

Pala will be here in a month or so and we'll get the straight skinny on kamis past and present and marks. And some gossip, too.