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Apr 28, 2000
I was at the BenchMade "official site" just lookin around and some of the prices were really alot higher than at some of the local places iv seen in fack i saw the BM 710HSSR selling for 190$ and i just ordered one for 120$ without using ur fingers thats a seventy dollar difference im just curious as to why the difference in price? any gueses? im not buying a factory second am i?
im sure this is just a stupid mistake on my part but anyone care to clue me in thanks guys

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It`s mainly because they don`t care to deal with the general public.I bet it worked with you??Im sure if you called them up and asked to buy 200,you would get a much better deal.

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Good point, didnt think of that .... i knew it would end up being something obvious (slaps palm to his head) Thankx man
Actually unless you were a dealer I doubt that you would get as better price.
I think the main reason that they sell knives for the list price is that they don't want to step on the toes of their dealers. If they were to sell for low prices then no brick and mortar dealer would carry their knives.

Dealer cost on that knife is nowhere near 190, that is just the Suggested Retail Price and BM has to sell it for that price.

BM's website sales is mostly meant to reach those who:
a) dont live anywhere near a dealer or..
b)those who wish to buy directly from BM at their prices for whatever reason or..
c)to catch the unsuspecting fella who doesnt know any better.

Anyone who buys 200 of any particular knife is most likely a distributor. No dealer I know of can/would sit on even a 10th of that number for very long... and theres no reason to do so as more can be had/found in a day or three... or even distributor drop-shipped to the buyer if need be.
On the Benchmade site, they encourage folks to buy their knives through their dealers.

They further provide a place to find dealers near a buyer's home.

They would be crazy to step on the toes of their dealers.