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  1. LCE


    Jan 5, 2007
    Having had an INFI steel Battle Mistress for many, many years - I'm a bit confused at the type of steel being advertised and have questions. Do you not still use INFI steel for your Battle Mistress? I see the advertisement says SR101. What is the difference?


  2. boring

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    Nov 28, 2005
    Battle grade knives are 101. If it says busse and nothing else it is infi.
  3. WatermanChris

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    Aug 30, 2018
    The SR 101 version of the Battle Mistress is the only version of the Battle Mistress currently offered at the Busse Combat website. I'm hoping we get a new Battle Mistress for 2020
  4. Currawong

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    May 19, 2012
    INFI is Busse's signature steel, only used by the Busse family of companies.

    SR101 is a version of 52100 steel, with Busse's exceptional proprietary heat treat applied. It is a cheaper steel, so provides a less expensive version of the legendary Battle Mistress than the previously offered INFI models. But it isn't a worse steel; it is less tough, but still very tough; whereas has better edge holding than INFI under most uses (but INFI still has better edge holding when chopping hard things). The main difference to INFI is that SR101 is prone to rust, though isn't particularly bad in this area.

    Busse switches between offering models in these two steels (and sometimes others).
  5. pmwc78

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    Sep 4, 2010

    Well something is up because the fbm is gone from the Busse website.
  6. WatermanChris

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    Aug 30, 2018
    Oh man, I'm been hoping for a new Mistress since I got into Bussekin! Is 2020 the year?
  7. clampdaddy

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    Aug 31, 2013
    I'm hoping for three full lines of regularly offered blades, with an occasional O2W type offering. Fingers crossed........
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