Questions about differences on my 2 XM-18 (Fake or Authentic)

May 29, 2015

I just bought another XM-18 and when I received it, I noticed two differences on it from my other XM-18. I just want to know if these are changes in the manufacturing process or if one of them is a fake. They both look authentic, but I just want to be sure.

The first difference is that the clip on the one I just bought is in the center of the LBS and on my original one its slightly off to the side.

The other difference is that the letters on the word HINDERER on they new one are thicker and on my original one they are much thinner.

Everything else seems to be pretty much the same. I am no Hinderer expert that is why I am asking for input from you guys.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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If you loosen the clips a little you can typically move them around a little and tighten them back down. As far as the lettering it's just from the machining process but both look good. The nuts on the lockside are knock offs though.
Yes, the nuts are questionable, if they are bronze anodized Ti, they are knockoffs, or possibly someone got cute with their stove and heated the stock nuts.

Otherwise as David pointed out, the knives are authentic.
Yes, the hardware was sandblasted and heat anodized to get a dark flat bronze color that matches the FDE scale.
OK, everything is good.
I just heard back from Rob at Hinderer and he agreed with both of you that they are both authentic.

Thanks guys.