Questions about Fallkniven,Busse Basics,Uluchet,Sere 2000,and Benchmade.


Oct 5, 1998
Will DEET affect the handles on the Fallkniven, Busse Basic, and Uluchet knives and if so how badly?
Are the tips (or points) on the AlMar Sere 2000,
Benchmade Pinnacle, and Axis locks strong enough for utility work (hard use) or not. I don't want to get in an argument over what some consider abuse or not, if the hardest thing you use or make a knife for is cutting vegetables and boxes that is fine, but please don't bother answering this post.We will both only be frustrated.
Thanks in advance for any answers.
Speaking on behalf of the Busse Combat Basics the rubber handles are Resiprene C which is a non-hygroscopic material, meaning that it neither takes on or emits fluids. Kraton is just the opposite, it is a hygroscopic material. We have soaked our Basics handles in highly concentrated DEET for weeks and have seen no deterioration and/or break down of any kind. This is the main reason that we chose Resiprene C instead of Kraton. There were too many horror stories of Kraton handles not holding up to the constant exposure to DEET that was present during Desert Storm. Resiprene C is also more resistant to higher and lower temperatures than Kraton.

The only disadvantage of Resiprene C is to the manufacturer. Resiprene C costs approximately 5 times more than Kraton. As is typical, most disadvantages to the manufacturer are advantages for the consumer.

Jerry Busse

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I pryed a wee bit with my Benchmade 720, no damage. The SERE too a few light stabs into a 2x4. The spearpoint Al Mar seems like it would be less suited to prying than you might want.

The Uluchet handles are unaffected by DEET. I'm not sure about the Fallkniven.

-Cougar :{)
I've got a BM710, and the #3 and #9 Basics. The Busses will take on just about anything. I wouldn't use 710 quite as hard, but it will handle as much or more than other folders, except for some customs.

If it was me and I needed to pierce/pry/otherwise modify metals, Busse would be my choice. Well, it would probably be my choice anyway, but the 710 is a tough folder. I don't ever worry about the lock folding.

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Thanks all for the info and for taking the time out of your busy day to answer this post,and thanks to Mr.Busse and Mr.Turner (Uluchet) for making some of if not The toughest tools in the business as well as backing them up with probably the best warranties in the business.
Hmmm... I quite curious as to the Fallknivens with the Thermorun handles. If this West Nile bug crap resurfaces around here this summer again, there' s going to be a lot of personal spraying with deet contents. Anyone care to test one of theirs?

The handles of the Chris Reeve One Piece Range do not appear to be affected by DEET.