Questions About My 501

Feb 12, 2004
Hello All:

I have an old Buck 501. I tried to photograph the stamp, but my camera could not get close enough. The blade reads:

Buck (in script-like letters)

No symbol, dot(s), or anything else.
First, can anyone date this knife for me. I'm guessing later 60's, early 70's. Second, there is a slight bend to the blade (almost imperceptible to the eye), which makes the side of the blade rub when closed. Also, it does not close cleanly. I would like to get the blade straightened, the blade polished (slight pitting) and sharpened, and the knife cleaned. Is this something that Buck will do under warranty, or for a fee? Also, does this knife have a lot of value? Will having work done to it hurt any value it does have? I want to keep the original blade, of course, even if it means leaving the knife as is. Thanks all.
Greetings , and welcome! The marks you indicate would basicly be around the the early 1980's plus or minus a year or two. I have a stag handled one marked the same. The knife should be able to be fixed. And Buck will do it for the shipping fee. I send 10$ BUT, they are moving the plant to Idaho and I dont think they are offering services right now. Josh and Joe from Buck look in on us and they will provide a better answer. there are a couple of Buck Collector Club guys that are very familiar with these and know the answer off the top of their head. Stay tuned..