Questions about: Schrade 75th Anniversary 4-pin 7-OT, "The Ultimate Lockback"

Discussion in 'Schrade Knives Collectors Forum' started by Dave Thinkstoomuch, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Dave Thinkstoomuch

    Dave Thinkstoomuch Banned BANNED

    Jun 15, 2009
    I first saw these in Dick E's collection:

    then in Larry H's collection:'s-Lockbacks (26).htm

    I just bought one of these thinking it is the one 7-OT to own if you are only going to have one in your collection with it's super-early 1979 four-pin ways and bonus year-setting etching.

    (Here's two pics taken by seller of knife. I haven't received it yet.)


    A few questions to those who might know:

    1. How many of these 75th Anniversary etched 7-OTs did Schrade release? No serial # on them I don't think. Was it a limited edition or did every 7-OT they made in 1979 get this blade etching as an added bonus due to it's new-for-1979 status perhaps?

    2. How often do you see these surface in mint condition with all original bling (box, paperwork, sheath) intact?

    Thanks guys, once again I know you will come through. People here know their sh*t!
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  2. grey menace

    grey menace

    Mar 3, 2008
    I wish i had more info for you Dave, i have two of these, both mint or near mint, no serial #s, one with box and paperwork. I personally have not seen but a few of these over the years, i haven't been able to find out how many were made,maybe Larry has some info, sorry i couldn't be more helpful,Dick.
  3. Dave Thinkstoomuch

    Dave Thinkstoomuch Banned BANNED

    Jun 15, 2009
    Thanks for your comments Dick. I paid a premium compared to most 7-OTs for mine ($61.00USD) because I felt it might well be a very long time before another one of these surfaced and I like '70s Schrade the best really because it's what I grew up with and the world has changed so much since then. Last MSLP on 7-OT was 55 bucks and I figured this oldie was worth at least as much as the cheaper quality late models. That's how I rationalized it so I can sleep at night anyway lol. When I hear that you haven't seen many yourself I feel pretty confident they are quite rare indeed especially with all bling intact because your collection is outstanding and you go to the knife shows. I see you as a voice of authority in these matters. Thanks again!
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  4. Hedger


    Jun 20, 2006
    I was looking at one on the bay and thought about it too. This is the first one I've come across. It is cool.
  5. Dave Thinkstoomuch

    Dave Thinkstoomuch Banned BANNED

    Jun 15, 2009
    Yeah, the one you looked at is likely the one I bought. I snapped lol. Had to have it. Thanks for letting me know how many you have seen. Cheers!
  6. orvet


    Oct 11, 2005
    I do not know for sure when they used the wood grain boxes, but the 7OT does not appear in the catalogs until 1991.
    Weren't the wood grain boxes gone by then?

  7. Larry303


    Jul 28, 2005
    I have one the same as Dave's in the woodgrain box and bling. The 75th Anniversary etched on the blade means it was issued in 1979 <1904-1979> same time frame as the first LB7's and the woodgrain boxes were used in 1979. Hate to tell you Dave I was the runner up on that one and its why you had to pay a little more.....I was worried about what appeared to be a scratch on the blade near the etch I hope for your sake it is only a shadow..........Hoo Roo.
  8. orvet


    Oct 11, 2005
    Hey guys, I stand corrected. :foot:
    It is easy to get hypnotized by catalog pages scrolling past your eyes when searching catalog & price list pages.

    The 7OT is listed as NEW in the 1979 Line sheet and also appears on the 1980 Line.
    It appears next in the 1991 Shortline catalog as the Cave Bear and also in the 1991 Retail Price List, where it is denoted as "NEW!" but that notation does not appear in the Shortline.

    Schrade was pretty inconsistent with their catalogs sometimes.

    Thank you fellows for posting your knives. I endeavor to make my lists as accurate as possible. Your posts helped me find something I missed.
    Just a case of operator head space. :D

  9. Dave Thinkstoomuch

    Dave Thinkstoomuch Banned BANNED

    Jun 15, 2009
    I saw that possible scratch too, Larry. The knife is in California now waiting to be consolidated with some other stuff I bought and then forwarded to me. Lots of USA sellers don't like to ship to Canada for some reason. Pain-in-the-ass! Takes a month to get my stuff that way sometimes but it's the only way I can bid on some items. Forwarder says knife is in "very good condition" but that's about as detailed an assessment as I have right now. Obviously I would prefer that it didn't have a scratch but even if it does I don't really care. A scratch doesn't make it any younger. I didn't purchase it with a mind for resale. It will be displayed beside my earliest "standard" 4-pin LB-7 as an example of Schrade Bear Paw original '70s style. Fair is fair Larry don't sweat about driving up the price. That's how the cookie crumbles sometimes... Cheers!
  10. Dave Thinkstoomuch

    Dave Thinkstoomuch Banned BANNED

    Jun 15, 2009
    (As far as I can tell, 99% sure on this) 7-OT was originally offered in 1979 as the carbon alternative to stainless LB-7. LB-7 turned out to be way better seller and Schrade stopped offering 7-OT in 1981. It had a very short "1st run". They brought it back again in 1990 (see link) but by 1995 they switched to using stainless for 7-OT and that's what you got after that. Really after '95 the only difference between LB-7 and 7-OT was the handle when originally it was about the blade steel.

    You are welcome, Dale, bout posting. I figure the more info available here the better. My memory is sometimes fuzzy so I kinda use these threads as my "records" too.
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  11. winchester73


    Jan 6, 2008
    I just bought one of these and received it today. Wood grain box with a few small punch holes in it but nothing major . The papers as show in photo above and the knife in new (no scratches) condition with 4 pins and 75th anniversary imprint and the sheath. Most of the paper wrapper is intact with the knife in it. Pretty sure it's 1095 steel and blade stamp is Schrade USA 7-OT. Price wasn't too bad. I feel lucky.
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  12. FatCity67


    Sep 22, 2013
    Nice, congrats on a fine knife.:thumbup:

    I really like the late 60's thru early 80's Schrades and that's one I don't have, along with many others:grumpy:
  13. winchester73


    Jan 6, 2008
    I never knew the 6 and 7 ot's existed until I happened to read about them on the form, then I wanted one and lucked out with the one above. I thought the only Schrade lock back was the LB7. Read about the LB8 too. Nice that Schrade had a 1095 lock back for those who preferred it Looks like when Schrade decided to complete with Bucks 110 and 112, they decided to go all out. Didn't know they had so many flavors in lock backs. I had one LB7 and had always concentrated on other Schrades.
  14. delmas2nd


    Apr 14, 2008
    if you look at the price lists the 7OT came out in the 4 pin configuration first and it was carbon steel. these ran from 1979 to 1980. production halted til 1990 then they switched to 3 pin and the blade was also carbon steel. sometime later still 3 pin but they switched to stainless "Schrade +". it might indicate it in the price lists as some of the OT in 1992 were stainless.

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  15. winchester73


    Jan 6, 2008
    Since from previous posts by Codger, it appears the 75th anniversary imprints came out in 1979 so mine should be 1095 I would think.
  16. tongueriver

    tongueriver Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 28, 2007
    Yes, it is 1095.
  17. JDDator


    Nov 14, 2019
    Old post. Maybe we could post up some more examples? Here's one from my collection.

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