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Discussion in 'Kailash Blades' started by Jacob W, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. Jacob W

    Jacob W

    Mar 10, 2021
    I've read that the Karda and Chakmak are companions to the khukuris one for keeping the blade honed and the other as just a work knife. I was wondering how well the Chakmak actually keeps the blade honed? I read on the FAQs that the adding of them would be an extra 10usd is that needed to be done through custom order? I don't want added things to the knife if they arent able to serve a purpose, a honing tool would be great to have with the knife so would a well-made small knife, even though I always carry a Ranger grip. Also, would the dap be made to hold them, or is that only for western leather & kydex with the 25$ charge? I am most defiantly going to buy one of your khukuris most likely the Falo but any suggestions would be great. I have never posted on a forum before so I apologize if this is the incorrect way to ask questions.
  2. Kailash Blades

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    Nov 21, 2015
    Hey there Jacob!
    The Karda and chakmak are companions to the karda and chakmak, but their prevalence is somewhat overstated with many blades being made without them historically as well as a large number being made with a tinder pouch also. At Kailash we're of the opinion that chakmak's don't do an excellent job of keeping your knife honed compared to a ceramic rod or strop. The issue is that they act like a smooth kitchen steel- realigning the steel at the edge and creating a weaker, thinner section at the edge that can break off (particularly in chopping) and leave a duller edge compared to honing abrasively which leaves a strong and crisp apex. With this said plenty of people have success with them and enjoy having them on their sheaths.
    Currently all kardas and chakmaks have to be invoiced out off our website, but we can add them to a regular website order after it's been placed no issues. We can integrate them into any of our different sheath styles :)
    Take care,

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