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Questions about TOPS knives, any help appreciated.

They are okay but they have pretty thick blades. I have not tested my Steel Eagle yet so dont know how they perform.
I got to handle a few TOPS knives about a month ago.Man are these knives chunky.The blades were thick even on the smallest ones.They were really cool looking but I couldn't bring myself to buy one.
We used a TOPS Steel Eagle in the jungle last October. The blades are a little thick for quick slashing work, but I believe you cut up a Mack truck with one and not hurt it. Chops good and the saw back was better than most, even though I'm not a fan of saw backs period. Handles are also good. - Jeff

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I think they are good knives for the money, and quality continues to improve. Mike fuller, the owner, is one of the nicest guys I have had the pleasure of meeting also.