questions on BM 9050

Sep 10, 2009
Did benchmade put a different type of black finish on the blades of their military issue 9050s than the civilian models? I ask this because I have one my wife was issued while in Iraq and it doesnt say bk1 on the blade. I have a couple of them that I have bought/traded for and they all say bk1 on the blade. The issued ones finish looks/feels different also.;)
No, all coatings are the same. Older 9050's had a BT2 coating, but lately it's been BK1.
The finish on the military model almost looks like paint. It resembles the coating on some of gerbers knives. Yes its a real Benchmade and its not been refinished. I noticed your in Arkansas, I am too, where are you from?
No, all coatings are the same. Older 9050's had a BT2 coating, but lately it's been BK1.
I have to disagree on this, I have both models in hand right now and they are not the same. The blade thats not marked looks and feels like paint, it also has a couple of chips. Ive never had a bk1 finish chip.
ok, now that I found out that the older blades are bt2 coated I found my answer. Bt2 is a teflon based finish while bk1 is ceramic based. Its claimed that the bt2 is not as durable.
ok? What does that tell me? My military issued 9050 is an older model than my other ones. BMs site says bt2 is teflon based, BK1 is ceramic. I can tell by looking at the bt2 its gonna scratch easy.
Hey jim guy,

Sorry for posting here since it doesn't really belong--but I can't PM yet. You replied to one of my threads saying you traded a BM Mini Stryker 907. Was it new? And if yes, who did you trade it to? I'm trying to acquire one, but even with a regular purchase through a dealer, many of them just don't have it. Maybe I'll try and track down that knife :)

I'll check back on this thread, or if you want, you can leave a visitor message on my profile. Thanks for the help.