Questions on Rc-6


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Mar 20, 2007
As I stated in another post I own no Rat knives as of yet. I have looked at them several times. I do have a couple of questions. First are the handles easily removed. Are the just bolted on or are the bolted and epoxied? Wondering in case ever decide to switch handles out. Secondly is the blade coating hard to remove? I know its there to protect the blade being that its 1095. But I prefer uncoated blade and to let it patina naturally. Sorry for the questions but the RC-6 has caught my eye.
The handles are easily removed with an Allen key (Hex key). The blade coating shouldn't be too hard to remove, as I've only used my RC-6 a few times and it has already started to wear. Beware that the surface may not so beautiful underneath the coating.
The handles take a little effort to remove since the threads of the bolts have Loc-Tite on them, but it's simple to do. The coating is really easy to remove--just use paint stripper on it. The surface finish underneath is a soft matte gray, so most folks like to sand the finish a little to brighten it up. :)