Jan 5, 1999
Greetings,I have questions on the quality and durability,general worth of keeping of some of my aquisitions through gifts and uncontrolled,and unresearched spending. I thought that knives would be cheaper on my spending than guns, that did not take long to prove wrong! Along with original 1800 meat cleaver(awsome chopper,big in sheath),benchmade and spyderco. I have an older buckmaster,cold steel "deluxe"gurka, and a couple of kershaw trade a blades along with assorted buck and schrade folders. I presume everyone here will have an opinion,I really was wondering about the buckmaster and gurka.I know the others are ok for generl home and light dutyor field use with back-up.
Thanks in Advance,maybe-Tallpaul
Hello Tallpaul, and welcome to the forum.

Is the Buckmaster the one with the spikes on the crossguard? I've never heard much good about this one. I don't think it would be too hard to find a similarly robust knife that weighs a lot less. I guess it would be okay if you need both a knife and an anchor, and for some inexplicable reason you can't have both. Having said this, I will also point out that I have a friend who was a Green Beret. He seems to have liked the Buckmaster for whatever reason. He's not a first-class knife enthusiast though, and even so I'll bet he likes a lot of other things better.

David Rock
I haven't seen the new Gurka but I have an original CS ATC. I bought it because it was just that cool looking. However, when I lived on a farm I wound up actually using it quite a bit, chopping wood, vines, etc. I might consider strapping it to my pack if I was doing an extended hike. My only problems with it are that it takes a little extra care to deal with rust and it's a pain to sharpen.