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Quick Review: CRKT Brian Tighe Tac

Aug 22, 1999
I've got to get to class real soon, so this review will be quick.


Blade: Overall length: 3.25” (8.3 cm)
Cutting edge: 3.00 (7.6 cm)
Thickness: 0.12” (0.30 cm)
Steel: AUS 6M, 55-57 HRC
Handle: Closed length: 4.13” (10.5 cm)
Weight: 3.4 oz. (98 g)


I got the large version and I think it is the perfect size for a gentleman's knife. I wasn't too sure about this knife in the beginning because I like my knives to have some sort of guard, but this thing has grown on me fast. For $70 retail this knife is excellent. It doesn't ride too high or too low in the pocket, and the blade profile makes for the perfect "envelop opener". Part of the handle is Zytel, which can sometimes look cheap, but it doesn't on this knife. The lock-up is strong, but no LAWKS on this one. It also makes for a good emergency window-breaker when folded up because the pommel is very pointed.


Besides no guard? Nothing, I honestly have no complaints. If you are in the market for a bargain gentleman's knife, this is it!!

I know, I know, how did I manage to get TWO knives that aren't in production. It's the hook-up baby! Mike Payne! Don't playa hate, congratulate!

Congratulations. I like Brian's designs too. I hope he plans to do collaborations with other manufacturers as well. A model in the $150 - $170 (street price) range with a VG-10 blade and micarta scales would be nice.