R.J. Martin camp knife!


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Nov 28, 1999
Fedex man was very good to me today. Cutting edge is about 6.5" of S30V(Rockwell 60), with black canvas micarta slabs that started out 3/8" thick and were contoured for comfort. Balance point is right on the finger index, just behind the guard. Top edge is not sharp currently, but it wouldnt take much to make it sharp.

Edited, because I needed the pic elsewhere.
I love RJ's knives. His blade and handle designs always make great cutters, and he uses the best materials available. I carry an RJ folder with me every single day.
Dan Farr
The blade is hollow ground, sharp as a razor. The handle is one of the most comfortable handles I have ever felt. This was a special order knife from R.J., but I hope he makes it one of his standard models, as I believe a lot of people will want one of these.
Could it possibly be anything other than razor sharp? Not if it is made by R.J. Martin.

That is a very functional looking knife. The handle looks like you could work hard all day and your hand would have no hot spots.