R.K. gun and knife shows

Dec 8, 2008
Hi gang, curious if there are any Busse sellers that attend the R.K. gun and knife shows in the TN area? I can't recall from the past ones, but some Busses at the show would make it worth while to attend again. Thanks!
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I've not yet been to a show attended by Busse but from what little I recall: Jerry and crew bring Busse Combat to BLADE in Atlanta and to the shoots/shows at Knob Creek, KY; IdahoSkunk and friends bring Busse to Blade West somewhere in the PAC-NW,(Seattle?); thatmguy takes Busse to several shows in Ohio and that is it as far as regular appearances by BC or with BC blades at shows. The recent BC Traveling Trunk Show in Easton, PA was a rare (first and so far only?) exception. Those more knowledgeable on the subject will undoubtedly chime in with more info/corrections.
As far as dealers go, info from the "BadMojo" site leads me to believe that some fellow named Andre used to be a distributor but now there is the IdahoSkunk at the Busse Combat Company Store. He stocks what I think of as production over-runs and, on occasion, blades made specifically for release through the Company Store. Unlike Busse Combat, where you place an order for the latest model and wait for its production and shipping, the Company Store has whatever is currently available in stock and ships quite quickly.
The attractions of attending a show where Busse Combat is present would be that you can: meet and maybe party with not only fellow enthusiasts but possibly Jerry, Amy-0, Garth and other ofeeshul BC folk; buy Custom shop and production models that are either unavailable elsewhere or are out of production and only available on the secondary market and usually at a substantial markup.
Infodump complete, for now.
It would be phenomenal if there were a calendar of these dates we could use to help us plan trips :D
hey bro we got a show right now in lex ky,i have never saw a busse at the show or some one selling them,but high end knives are there mt, CRC,and others.....
Hammie shows up at most every Indy 1500 Gun and Knife show. (So do I)
I had about $20k worth of Busse's at a Bloomington Show 2 weeks ago...

Had give away prices on them, still have them all :(