R.W. Wilson

R.W.Wilson is listed in warners Knife Books.E-mail me if you need the adress for him.
This is probably only about 1.5 cents worth, but here goes.
I don't see much written about R.W.these days and I kind of wonder about that.As I see it, he is one of the friendliest gentlemen I have had the honor to know.
He had myself and my brother stay at his house for 4 days back in 1976, wherein he tried to teach a couple of KY hilljacks something about making knives.(my brother turned out to have quite a knack for it)
As with many friends, our lives went in different directions over next 20 yrs, and I guess that's not pertinent...but you just don;t get to brag on people enough sometimes.
To get off the warm & fuzzies, RW makes a fine using knife (faster than anyone I've ever seen)along with the most beautiful tomahawks ever..as witnessed in Jerimiah Johnson.
I hope you get the priviledge to meet him, if you do get him to show you how to throw a double bitted axe(for fun & profit).
Thanks for indulging me.

Stevie Ray
Greetings everyone. I am new to this forum.I met R.W. Wilson back in 1983. he designed and built the grinder that I still use today.Ron went out of his way to show me how to make knives.He also sells the same supplies he uses to make his own knives with.R.W. has been making knives for approximately 30 years.He is truly one of the finest (and most colorful) gentlemen in the knife industry.R.W. s phone # is listed in Knives 99, (Ken Warners digest book).