Rain-X for blades?

A friend of mine emailed a question to me about keeping fingerprints off of a highly-polished AUS 8 folder blade.

He was asking if Rain-X (the car windshield majic potion) would help protect the blade from water and prints. I've never heard of this, but it seems like an interesting concept to which I have no answer. Anyone tried this?

Personally, I'm of the mindset if the blade is sharp and the action smooth, I could care less about a few fingerprints and dirty spots.

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I've never heard of using that product for knives.I would recommend Marine tuff-cloth,Break-free clp,Remington-oil for knife protection.I would be careful using a product not designed for that intended purpose,it may react differently to some types of steel and handle materials.The last thing you want to do is damage a knife.I would not use that product when there are many excellent products that provide protection for your knives available.Thats just my two cents,RS
I looked at a bottle of Rain-X it has: ethyl alchohol, ethyl sulfate, isopropyl alchohol and siloxanes. The alchohol products wouldn't hurt, but would act like a degreaser. I'm not sure of the other stuff, but would worry about the sulfates. It probably wouldn't hurt, but it's a "terrific solution to a non-existent problem". There are alot of proven products out there. Tuf-Cloth is what I recommend!

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Rain X was recommended for knives in the "knife care tips" section of the KnifeCenter- check it out!
Thanks Soloman,
I went and checked it out. Apparently someone has tried it without any ill affects. It would be interesting to know what type of steel it was used on. It might be a good idea for someone that uses their knife outdoors alot, around water etc...
Another thing to consider is whether or not Rain-X is toxic. If the user uses the knife for food prep ever, then I would shy awway from Rain-X and stick with Sentry Tuf-Cloth.

Rain-X is a good product to use on glass. But be careful when using it on any kind of plastic. I've had friends that have used it on plastic windshields on Harley's, the Rain-X melted the windshields. With alot of the knife handles made out different types of plastics and the teflon washers that are in the knives the Rain-X might melt something.

I'll ditto Larry Luana.

I've seen Rain-X applied to helmet visors (which are made of Lexan) and it permanently "fogs" them. After this happens, you can feel the roughness too.