RAK winter duties are done...sort of....

Discussion in 'Ontario Knife Company' started by Roguer, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Roguer


    Jan 5, 2015
    I had a RAK in my car for the use of the spike to work on hard ice windows, also it came in handy for small cutting duties and also for grabbing for belt riding as its nice big choil came in handy for winter gloves and such. My Falcon went back in to the hunting pack so it won't be lost else where on other out side thingies to be done. My one TFI left over is in one of the grab and go pack...ok only one I got in case I just want to grab and go to the old farm stead. So the RAK been doing the short bladed abuse duties. What it been doing well. I forgot what one is 1095 or 1075 as both seem to do pretty good work. My other one is in my "reserve" bucket.

    Several times the RAK did a good job splitting smaller sticks/(urbanites call them LOGS) AFTER I cut them with a saw to make a fire just to have a fire in the wilderhood! I got mugged and kidnapped by some nieces who wanted to get out of the house to see a DIFFERENT wilderhood from their grand mother's farm. So...we went to the old farm stead instead. The older nieces ran off with the bigger blades I had to murder the local brush for fun so I made the fire, the made the cooking sticks and had hot dogs and mallows of marsh stuff and the baby corn blown up in to puffy things. After every one buzzed out of energy of course went to the old farm house where the real warming fire was and then they got bored so after warming up so we headed back. Then I realized I did every with with a RAK saw and lighter, hot dog packaging and hand sanitizer for the fire. Even used the RAK spike for chipping snow/ice off the stumps and rocks we sat on. So guess the spikes stay on my RAKs. I use them as beater blades but as they are saber grinds they sure can take that beating.

    RAK is a nice saber grind spear point profiled blade. Handle is short but the big choil keeps one's hand from slipping and gives one a good close working ability. I can't tell between the steel of 1075 and 1095, they both just work good. AND ITS A SABER GRIND!

    I love the problem of having to many knives to try and choose what to use on a given task or day. :cool::D
  2. upnorth


    Nov 25, 2006
    I've had a bit of an eye on the RAK also buddy. Thanks for your efforts. From what I have seen, the Ontario forum is where conversation go to die. That's too bad.

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