Ralph Krait/Impulse.... a few questions...

Oct 4, 1998
Is the Impulse a "production" model of the Krait? Saw it advertised in the new TK. If so, who exactly manufactures it? The name in the ad is "Outdoor Edge".... is that the manufacturer or just the distributor?
What kind of steel is 12C27 and what is it comparable to? Anyone have any experience with this steel? What about the Impulse itself? How does it compare to a Krait?

The Krait is a factory version of the real thing by Darryl Ralph. OutDoor Edge is the manufacturer. The Impulse is made in Taiwan to their (OutDoor Edge) specifactions. The cool thing is that both the original maker and the manuafcturer are right here on BladeForums.

12c27 is a Scandanavian steel which is is often used in Finish puukkos and Norwegian knives. It is very similar to 440a.

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If I remember the Scandanavian system correctly, 12c27 would have 0.60% carbon and 13.5% Chromium. That's about the same carbon as 440a, but lower Cr, so it might be a little tougher at the cost of a tiny increase in corrosion potential.

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orion..i have the original krait,and had the chance to handle the impulse in the last
shot show.
they don't compre in quality [you can buy 13 impulses in a price of a krait]
but as long as a economy priced tactical folder goes they are as good as they get.
they compere with crkt knives and should be a great value for money knives.i'll will sure buy them.