Ramadhaan Begins!

Jun 3, 1999
Alhamdu-li-(A)llaah! ---
--- Ramaadhan begins on Monday 11/27!

Overview ... http://www.mukmin.com/channels/myself/pages/practices/fasting/prab2000112801.php3

Detail ... http://www.mukmin.com/ramadhaan.php3

Insyaa-Allaah! I'll sort of hibernating during Ramaadhan --- you'll see little of my postings --- will be active again after Ramadhaan ie. Syawaal.

Rusty, Big Bob --- Thanks for your greetings --- I didn't notice them at 1st! Suddently I saw your name and I checked them --- YES! Those are from both of you! --- Thanks again --- Allaahumma-(i)hdikum-bi-(A)lislaam!

Pakcik Bill --- Are the villagers already arrived at Reno? Insyaa-Allaah! I'll keep my eyes open for your Villagers UBDOTD ...

Forumites --- I guess you must be suffering from HIKV now!

As usual ...


I did surf the links you gave a bit. Slow loading, a bit oversimplified, but they seem very rich in the basic principles.

Unfortunately, it seems in all religions, we humans like to honor the form and rites on the outside of us instead of working the disciplines that accomplish the inner change in us.

( Well, that's what I've done myself, and observed and heard from others. Much easier to quantify x number of this or that as adequate compliance instead of maintaining a willingness to listen to the quiet voice whispering within us at inconvenient times.)

At times, I can to a degree live my life as a prayer if I forget myself. Notice the "I", "my", "I", "myself". Lot of work, but the peace is worth it.
Mohd, I'm sure everyone will understand if you don't post very often. That's why I was sure to send the card right before Ramadan began-wanted to make sure you would have the time to see it.


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