Randall #27 Trailblazer

Jan 5, 1999
I think I got bitten by the bug again. Last year I posted a topic about not happy with my #16 because it is too thick for slicing. A few members suggested the #25, which I like except for the handle (leather is not for me). Now that I discovered the #27 (it wasn't there in my 1999 catalogue) it looks like my ideal fix blade.

Since I have no chance to handle it, can the #27 owners out there tell me your experience with this model please. I use my #16 mainly for camp chore, anything from chopping small branches to food prep (including opening tin cans). I don't think the #27 is as strong as the #16, but how robust is it?

Also I'm not sure whether to order stainless or O1. My experience with the #16 tells me that their SS is not bad at all. Note that I never oil my knives. However I do wash them clean and dry them right after use. For me the way to keep a knife free of rust is not by oiling it, but by using it everyday. Obviously I'm not going to use the #27 everyday, so will the O1 turns brown by just sitting in the drawer? It looks so pretty that I want to keep it shiny forever.

I like the new model 27 a lot! I just took a look at it via www.nordicknives.com

I have no personal experience with using Randall's but two of my brothers have several. I know they both like their model 25's, their model 5's, 1's, 3's etc.

If you will not oil or use a product like Tuff Cloth to protect the carbon steel blade, then stainless might be the way to go. Personally, I would choose the carbon steel for its superior properties as an edge. But if you would be upset by the knife developing a patina over time by use, maybe the stainless version is the knife for you. No, carbon steel will not turn brown just sitting in a drawer. But if you really do use it, it will not stay shiney and new looking forever. But who expects a user to stay looking perfect?

Buy what you like. That one looks like a great knife. The blade stock (1/4 inch) is a bit thicker than what I prefer in a blade that length (almost 6 inches long), but it looks like it would make a very good all around using knife.

BTW, you can get almost any Randall in a variety of handle configurations. Nordic knives has several model #25 in stag or wood handles besides the stacked leather version that you do not like. And I am very sure that you will find the 1/4 stock on the model 27 to be adequate for your needs. If your are going to chop and open cans with the knife however, do not expect Any knife to be able to take and hold a super acute slicing edge for long.

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