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Randall Knife Visit...

Jan 29, 2000
I had the opportunity (while on Spring Break) to visit Randall Knives in Orlando. The place is really quite small and unassuming, but after seeing the knives there I am thoroughly convinced that they live up to thier substantial reputation. They have a knife collection on display, with thousands of folder and fixed blades of every description.

My father is going to buy me a knife once I am at USMA, and I have decided on a model 14 with a single finger grip and a forward curved double guard (like KK on the example page). And the prices are quite reasonable, especially compared to some of the rather expensive FACTORY knives. Works of art.

I also picked up a couple books. One is a huge book detailin the history of Bo Randall and the company he started and the other is a small book titled "The Fighting Knife" (co-athored by Col. Rex Applegate, who used a Model ! for some time).

I highly recommend ti to anyone who will be in the area.
I had the pleasure of visiting the Randall shop a couple of years ago. I was able to tour their simple facility and meet several of the craftsmen. Their little "museum" has some very cool pieces. They were are all very warm and humble people. Six months later, a #5 followed my home. If you're in the area, it's definitely worth the trip.
Good people, good blades!
I have the opportunity of attending a seminar in Orlando the last week of April. I have visited the Randall Shop once before a couple of years ago and purchased two knives from their small showroom cabinet. Because of their extended backlog, I assume there were no knives in their showroom when you visited? Just looking for a chance to pick up another Randall if available.

Bruce Woodbury
Unfortunately, there were none for immediate sale. It only costs 20 bucks to get your name on the list, with the rest payable later. I plan on making an order a yearly or biannual event.
SR, I have one on order now that should be here in November. I was just looking for an opportunity to make a small killing by actually being there. I used to call them up and find something in their case every once in a while, but not anymore. Thanks

Bruce Woodbury