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Randall Knives etc

Feb 4, 1999
I have been letting go of some of my knives to finish out my must have list. I am looking for a 7 inch or so bowie style knife that can do double duty as a reasonable fighter and survival knife. I am looking hard at the randall 14 attack but Is it really strong enough to put up with some abuse. I have never bought anything but full tang slab handles knives. thier stregth is inherent. This knife will be used. Yes I buy expesive knives and use them. I use my sebenza as a mini chopper at work all the time. I also looked at the black cloud offerings and at the livesay 101 airborne knife but I dont think I can handle the maintance required of the carbon steel. Is there a benefit to the carbon steel that makes the work worth while?? If I bought the randall would you recomend the 01 version??
Hi, you seem to have a Sebenza so why not try Chris Reeve's Project II it has a 7.5" Bowie blade, hollow handle, if you need one. Cheers, Bagheera

I have a Randall #14 with a stainless blade, model #1 style brass hilt, and a single finger grip handle. It has been my carry knife during the last five years of my military career (I just retired!), and always served me well. I like the 440-B over the 0-1 because I go for low maintenance. I've had other knives but find this Randall to be about as tough as they come. Great Knife!

Bruce Woodbury
If your sole concern is maintenance, why not coat the blade with a hard shell turtle wax? It is an old trick, and as far as you seem to be into using the knives, I cannot see the occasional speckling of light surface rust bothering you...

Randall 14 is a great knife and will survive all you can throw at it, although perhaps not all Les Robertson can. Les seems to expect more from a knife than most folks I have ever met, but he knows his blades. Ask him while you are at it, he moderates the custom forums. M-14 is a good be in my books and is on my must have list.

Also, Randall 14 is full size handle, Livesay Airborne Assault is kinda smallish handle for the amount of torque you could put into a blade 7".

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