Randall Knives

Nov 6, 1998
How well can I expect my stag handled Randall model 1 (o-1 steel) to hold up to rugged camp use? Just received it recently and was curious as to other's experiences.

Thanks, Waldo
your #1 is a fighting knife. If you wanted a knife for heavy field use you should have gotton a #14 w/ border patrol handle. I have a #14 FOr several years and used it heavily on FTX, hunting and camping. It is tough and I'm very happy w/ it. My friend has one also but his handle is more square, they would reprofile it if he sent it back they have a guarentee.

I noticed several very positive references to the Model 14 also when I searched the forum archives for Randall info. Perhaps I should hang on to my model 1 for a showpiece and obtain a more suitable blade type for field use, Thanks for the info,