Randall Knives

Jan 21, 1999
Well I sent my deposit to Randall Knives with my order for a model #1. Everything was OK until I recieved the confirmation letter and I noticed that they allow you to make changes in your order up to three months before the ship date. Now I don't generally second guess myself but with a year to mull this over I may have to make some changes. My question to the Forum is this. With all the possible option combinations available for a model #1, what configuration would provide the best performance? I know that this question will mean different things to different people but all answeres will be seriously considered.

I was fortunate enough to have to go to Orlando on business a couple of years ago. Of course I planned to stop by the Randall shop, and look at their famous knives. I even thumbed through their catalog and made all sorts of plans. Micarta handle, because that’s tough. Stainless steel, because I can use it to pry oysters off rocks and not have to rinse it afterwards. Seven or eight inches long in case I have to fight a bear – it has to go through all that fur, you know.

Once I got to the shop and started looking at the knives and handling them, my carefully laid plans went out the window. I walked out of the shop with a 6”, carbon steel, stag handled, #1. The handle is beautiful, reminiscent of ivory. Most of the ridges from the antler have been polished away, but you can still see some of the scratches the old stag picked up during his life in the forest. The knife balances well and is quick in my hand.

I have never regretted the choice I made that day, even though I wasn’t faithful to my initial specs. Realistically, a Randall knife is not going to fall apart under any type of normal usage. That #1 has been on several long backpacking trips with me, and served its time in the kitchen cutting up meat. I wouldn’t put it through the dishwasher, but then I wouldn’t do that to any of my knives.

I don’t know if this ramble has been of any help, but it’s my story of specs going out the window. Well, I have to be going. I have to spend some time gazing at the handle of my #1.
I have two Randalls, a No.1 and a No.12. Both have the leather hilts. If I had it to do ver, I would get Micarta hilts, as leather does not do well in wet. Other than that, nothing.

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I would want mine to be made of stainless. I have read on another thread that they do offer ATS-34. this would be my choice.
just my oppinion.
Stainless, Micarta, Border patrol handle,
7" inch blade and name etch on the blade so it doesn't walk away.


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I've owned about 20 Randalls and still have some. I like the #1 with stainless, nickel silver hilt--matches the butt cap and doesn't tarnish near as much as brass. I always get a butt cap because that ensures a full length tang--more strength. Micarta is good, the red/blue looks more like woodgrain. I also like the border patrol handle shape. I've had the single finger grip shape and sometimes it comes out good and sometimes I've wished I'd gotten something else. But my only #1 in my possession is the standard one with leather, brass, and 01 steel! Go figure!
Ihave a #16(I think) = #1 blade with micarta handle with finger grooves - gives super secure grip.
I'm an old Randall fan also. On a recent trip to Orlando I was set on picking up a #1 with a Border Patrol handle to match my #14. But once I got into the shop and handle a 7" #1 with a beautifully curved piece of stag I knew I was in love and all my rationale went out the window. The shop guys also support the red sambar stag they are using as being "very sturdy" and should hold up to any practical knife useage. It feels great in the hand and is a real classic looking blade. I also recommend the real steel and leave the stainless alone.
Is there a web site for Randall? All these #'s have me curious, now.


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There was a big Randal knives dealer at the big gunshow near me last weekend. He had every imaginable Randal and I got to handle most of them. Talk about a super nice handling knife. I was very impressed by all of the knives. But the most impressive by far was the Smithsonian Bowie. That is an absolute monster. I fell in love with a couple of #1's also. One had a beautifull stag handle that looked more like Ivory. The leather handled ones are extremely confortable and seem to fit the hand better than other handle materials.