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Randall Made Knives - Shop in Orlando - Visits?

Sep 21, 2006
I just ordered my first Randall a few weeks ago (Model 27 Trailmaster w/ 25 handle, stainless steel blade, etc..) - cannot wait! :D 15-Sept-2011 ;)

My Wife is planning another trip to Disney World, of course I was complaining since this will be my 4 year old's third trip!!! Of course this time it is the In-laws treat but still, contrary to popular belief it is not the happiest place on earth!

But I recently noticed that Randall Knives are made in Orlando, Florida! Disney World is in Orlando, Florida! In May-2007, I will be in Orlando, Florida! :D :thumbup:

Does anyone know if the Randall shop is somewhere where you can drop by and view knives, tours, etc..? Any specific hours or days of the week they are open? Is the Address listed on the website (4857 South Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, Florida 32839) the location to visit?

Thanks for the help! It is time to put my $0.02 into my Wife's travel plans! You have to make time for knives! Happy New Year!
Thanks "SubaruSTi". You are right, it does. I never noticed, maybe I was spending to much time drooling over the knives! :D

Monday-Thursday 7 am - 5pm, Friday 7 am - 1 pm, closed Saturday, Sundays and All major holidays.
I am just curious, has anyone ever visited?

My Wife is giving me some grief since she has the whol vacation time booked solid and now she is planing on flying, so we will not have a car for quick excursions like this (Disney has a free shuttle service from the airport)! :(

Maybe a Taxi ride from Disneyworld to the Randall Shop? :confused: I will have to check on the distance!
from disney take I-4 east to exit 80a exit right onto OBT, shop is about 3/4 mile on left down a long driveway, takes about 20 minutes in a car,view the museum with over 7000 knives,no tours but scott and jason will be there and will be happy to say hello work permitting,would be an awful waste to be so close and not call in.
Couple of years ago, work sent me to Orlando for a convention. My flight back left at 1400 hrs. I got up early and took a taxi to the shop. Spent the morning in the museum looking at all the stuff of legend! The staff was cordial and busy but showed me a few things. In those days, the front counter had about thirty knives for sale -- not now, I've heard. I bought a standard Model #1 and a Model #10, packed them in my checked luggage, called a taxi and left for the airport. It was great viewing things like the original astronaut knives, early #1's, etc! It was much more rewarding than the convention. I thanked my boss for the convention but really meant for the trip to the shop!
I live in Orlando and you definitely have to try and stop by, it is a real treat!! I am planning on a stop over there this month to place an order.
I was forced to spend a week at the rat palace last year. I managed to get away on a rainy day and visit the shop. It is a must see. Jason Randall was very helpful and answered all my questions.