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Randall Question

Dec 4, 1998
I have owned several Randall #1's and would like to know what the shallow cut out is on top of the blade, just in front of the hilt, opposite of the choil. It isn't ground into the Model #14, 15, or the #5 (which is very similar to the #1 but for outdoor use versus fighting). It has been on this model for as long as the model #1 has been in existance. I know, I know, I should call the Randall shop, but I know you smart people will know also. Thanks.
I used mine as a finger notch when doing fine work. It allowed me to choke up on the knife. The choil was ,also , helpfull in a choke grip.
From memory, the forefinger went in the spine notch and the thumb went into the choil area. The top guard went between first and second fingers and made for a very secure hold.

Brian W E
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