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Random Task and Lancet Problems?

Feb 28, 1999
Just returned from the local Chesapeak Knife and Tool store with info on the Kershaw and William Henry models.

Apparently the Kershaw Random Task has been recalled, but the salesman didn't know why or by whom.

CKT also have their William Henry Lancet (an elegant "gentleman's scapel") models marked "retired," to indicate that it won't be made anymore. I don't know the difference between "retired" and "discontinued." If they're dumping the model, I think I'll pick one up; if they're just changing to another steel (from ATS-34), I'll just wait.

Any intel out there?
I hadn't heard of a Kershaw "task" recall. I've met "tempermental" specimens, but that can be said of a lot of very respectable makes and models.

The William Henry line is getting some changes. Amber bone Lancets with bolsters and carbon fiber Lancets without bolsters are, last I heard, continuing items. White micarta and cocobolo Lancets, with our without bolsters, are no longer being made. There's a pearl-handled Lancet (with bolsters) on the horizon, for more money.

What's the problem associated with the so-called recall. I'm sending my mini-task back this week ( bad lock, too large of gap between blade and lock). I've got a random task also, but it seems just fine (tho a little slower then I would prefer).