Random Task troubles

Apr 15, 1999
My girlfriend gave me an enormous surprise for my birthday by telling me she had ordered me a Kershaw / Ken Onion Random Task from Cutlery Shoppe. Unfortunately, the knife was on back order, and she has been told it would take 3 weeks.

Well, that was 3 weeks ago, and when she called again the told her that it would be another 3 weeks to a month (which, after you've already said that once, means "we don't know" in my book). They explained that there have been troubles with the "handles" of these knives (still in their first run, I believe), and Kershaw was still trying to fix them. Anyone know more specifically what the deal is with these knives?

I'm thinking we'll cancel the order and see about a nice Spyderco. Don't suppose folks know a dealer who's got Starmates already?


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I would cancel the order and get the Spyderco as well. I can't stand having to chase a dealer to find out the status of my order.


I know for sure that the Random Tasks are in their second iteration. There's some small changes made, i.e. brass washers instead of teflon and a flat thumbstud instead of a slanted one (for me that's a big difference). Just got two of mine back from the factory (upgraded). Doug Flagg informed me in his e-mail that the drop point version are coming soon.

I'm not sure I know about the handle. Mine still have the old handles. Doug Flagg was really helpful, I suggest you e-mail him. I wish I could give you his e-mail address, but I lost his e-mail when my computer crashed some time ago. I believe he'll answer you if you e-mail Kershaw with this address:

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I know Senator ordered a Starmate today, I'm not sure from where....? Shoot, he told me but I forgot.....get in touch with him. He was so happy about it, I'm sure he'll be glad to let you know where he ordered it from.
We've been selling the Kershaw 1510 Random task at a rate of about 2 per week for the past month. The customers seem to be happy. If there were problems with the knife, I would suspect they are in the past. The knife is readily available. I realize you've opted for a different knife but I wouldn't want others who might be interested in the Random Task to get worried. Take care.

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Grand Prairie Knives in Troy, IL has the Random Task on special for May for $90. They don't have a webpage but you can get the list of May specials and ask questions, order, etc. by email at:

I don't mean to undercut any other dealers but I've had good experiences with this place and it's a good deal. Besides, it's only through May. However, I would assume if they're on special these may be the first run version. If that bothers you, ask. They've been very upfront with me.
i sent a mini task back for clip replacement. the old/first run clip covered the pivot screw head completely. and of course the blade loosened up over time and duh! no way to tighten the blade without removing the clip!(which had very small non standard size screw heads) new clip acutally has a hole drilled right over the pivot screw head so it can be adjusted without clip removal...dmc
I purchased a Random Task just 4 months ago and I am already having trouble with the liner lock. The strength of the lock is incredible, but the liner lock has a tendency to be pushed off when I am using the knife. It only locks about a millimeter on the blade. Is there anything I can do?

Mighty Jessit.
Mighty Jessit - I do not think that there is anything you can do for the faulty liner lock on your 1510. Best thing to do is contact Kershaw ( kershaw@kershawknives.com ) to let them know about this and send in your knife to them for repair. Hope this helps

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