I know this is off topic but I was wondering if anyone has the Ranger Handbook and would be interested in selling it. Email me at kmitchel@isn.net thanks
Feb 5, 1999
Hey Gunner,

If you have any friends in the Military they can get you one at the clothing sales store for around $6.00 or $7.00. It's not the same design as the issue ones but it does have the exact same info and the printing is so much better.

Where are you located?

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SH-76 (The Ranger Handbook) is a greatbook, but the notes you take in it are just as important.

Case in point: I have 2 copies of my Sapper Leader manual from when I went to the Sapper Leader Course at Ft. Leonard Wood. One is the one I took notes in, took to the field, etc. The other is pretty pristine. The one with the notes in it has a LOT more information from the instructors than what's in the standard manual.

Yeah, the Ranger Handbook is very very useful by itself. But there is plenty of other information that it needs....


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