Review RangerGrip 71 "Gardener" = Shear delight (or not ) ?

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    Jan 29, 2016


    I recently bought this huge fat SAK on impulse because it was a great deal , about 50% of the list price .

    I'm not normally a great SAK or multitool enthusiast , but I do admire the RangerGrip models . I own and use the 78 . The saw is quite useful for small jobs and the handle is nicely ergonomic .

    This 71 has a much fatter / thicker handle , to the point of being barely functional for my medium male sized hands .

    The 71 is all about the scissors . And they are very cool in in a "gentlemen's knife " sort of way . Mostly a cool toy and fun to play with for me .

    But just not that great compared to regular dedicated tools made for pruning . Even some much cheaper multitools have better shears ,IMO , for heavy use .

    The 71 is also kinda huge for practical EDC carry .

    I'm not saying it's useless , but I don't think that it's niche is as a "Gardener" .

    Maybe something you'd carry along for wilderness foraging or whatever ? It also has a nice sized knife and saw blade . And a corkscrew .

    I'm still very new to this tool , carrying and playing with this thing and so maybe will find more uses for it , if it's in my pocket ?

    Anyone have and use this thing ?
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