Ranking knife brands by CATRA testing

Mar 8, 2018
Catra testing has already been shown to be a joke. I guess you all aren’t aware of this. You can look it up on YouTube. But you’ll probably just dismiss it if you don’t like the people involved the way it’s told or just don’t want it to be true.
Jun 29, 1999
Always interesting to get new views on knives. Larrin goes into CATRA and other edge testing methods in his excellent new book, Knife Engineering (Chapter 8, Edge Retention). (Get it for Christmas:D.)


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Oct 21, 2014
Wouldn't ranking brands by CARTA results only, at best be more a case of ranking only the steels used, rather than the brands and knives?
A company that uses "simple" steels like 1905, 440A 420HC are always going to be rated lower than a company that uses higher grade /"super steels". A Fish to Grapefruit comparison.

I don't think there is a way to definitively rank knives. As with automobiles, Too subjective, too many personal variables. Some folk swear vehemently "Dodge is "best!" while others swear just as badly "Rolls Royce is best!".
I've zero doubt that CRK and Spiderco for example, make great knives. I don't want one of either regardless of what blade steel they may have. I don't like the styling.